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Primary and Junior Outreach

The Primary and Junior divisions of Sabbath School are teaming up with ADRA to send gifts over seas to help the needy in other countries. They feel the real need to help these families that can't fend for themselves.

These kids have given fervent thought into the gifts they want to send. Some of these gifts are a goat to a family in Ethiopia. To you and me in America may not seem like much but over there a goat means you are rich and a goat will provide you with milk plus have enough left over to sell at the market. This one goat will provide an income for a family and put food on a table to help stop malnutrition. The one goat is only $40.

Another gift they have decided to send is to plant 20 fruit trees in Tanzania. In remote regions of Tanzania their are communities that struggle to grow crops and earn money to live. These trees will not only help make the soil fertile but also provide much needed nourishment and income from the sale of the surplus fruit. 20 fruit trees only $40.

In Kenya there are families in the Rift Valley and Nyanza provinces that are female-headed and mothers have little opportunity to earn income. The children have decided to send a small scale farmer enough long cayenne chillies for one acre of land. This will give this family enough food to feed them for one year. Cost just $20.

Since independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991 Kyrgyzstan has struggled. There are elderly people who have struggled the most. These people receive $10 a month (when it arrives) to live on. The basic living expense is $45 a month so they eat very little and live in cold homes. So the kids are sending a hot meal a day for a month to one of these elderly people. Cost $0.25 a day.

In northeast Brazil families struggle to survive because water is extremely scarce. They are sending a gift of water by sending a family a simple irrigation system that will enable a family to make better use of scarce water to grow vegetables. They will be able to sell the surplus for income. Cost just $65.
Our kids also chose to send 500 trees especially adapted to the dry conditions of the region. this will guarantee a better future for new generations. Cost $10

These are just a few of the gifts the kids have come up with. As you can see they have given quit a bit of thought to where they want to focus there attention. They would like to do more because now they realize how good they have it and how bad people else where have it.

Please pray for these kids that they will continue to have this need to help others in need.